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  • For decades, Jeep® has been the poster child for America’s go-anywhere attitude. Sturdy, unstoppable off-roaders, highly capable all-rounders and luxurious SUV’s have formed the brand that leads the way. Jeep offers a model for every purpose, for the toughest terrain and the most sophisticated environments. Everything that Jeep does needs to fulfill one single purpose: stand up to the challenge. That’s why Jeep chooses Harman Kardon as its sound partner.

  • 19 high-performance speakers, powerful DSP multichannel amplifier and AuraVox sound equalizing technology make for a perfect sound experience in any seat of the house. Be it in the deepest desert or downtown Manhattan, the Harman Kardon audiosystem delivers rich powerful sounds under any circumstances. Harman Kardon and Jeep – together there is no stopping them.

  • Exquisite sound, highest quality materials and tough build quality make Harman Kardon a perfect fit for the Jeep brand. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the original SUV, the car that started a whole new genre more than 50 years ago. Today it still leads the pack with engineering excellence, reliability and sophisticated technical solutions. Harman Kardon engineers developed a tailor-made sound system for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, using leading-edge Harman Kardon technologies to create a sound like no other.

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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Music plays through a very nice Harman Kardon audio system… the 825-watt amp left a good impression in my ears. The sub exerted a palpable force through the car, so that I felt as well as heard the music. It also did a fine job with mid- and high ranges, delivering a full, textured sound. CNET